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We will write and release a press release on Newswire with the goal of building media interest and increasing the number of high-ranking referral links to your website. Our team will also select the best audience through the Newswire distribution network to target with the release.

The primary goal of the press releases will be to solicit media attention—whose sharing/pickup of the story leads to increased traffic and conversion opportunities.

The secondary goal of being picked up by major outlets (such as the Associated Press, Google News, and others) is to enhance organic search visibility. The links directed back to the website from reputable/high-ranking sites indicate to Google and other search engines that our website is credible, increasing the likelihood that the website will show up higher on search results.

Press Release KPIs—Number of Earned Media Hits, Earned Media Referral Traffic, Google Search Console Performance, URL Rating, Domain Rating, Net Number of Search Results on which the Site Appears in the Top-10 Pages

Note: $349 Newswire fee billed separately.

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