Digital Advertising Campaign and Budget

From: $300.00 one time, and
$600.00 / month

Advertising Campaign Management

This is the flat rate of our PPC management services. It also involves our setup of a custom landing page and implementation of all tracking tools required to calculate the best return on ad spend possible for your campaign.

The one-time setup fee covers the construction of the landing page and backend work to track your campaign results.

Digital Advertising Budget

This is the advertising budget allocated to Google and/or social media channels for your campaign, less a percentage-based campaign management fee.

Fees as follows: $250-$999 (20%); $1,000-$2,999 (15%); $3,000+ (12%)

NOTE: If you are operating on a retainer basis with our team, credits cannot be used towards the campaign budget. If you accidentally use credits to cover the setup of your campaign budget, we will reinstate your credits and issue an invoice for payment of the campaign budget.

Get our team’s support efficiently scaling your digital advertising operation through daily campaign management, data analysis, strategy sessions, and content creation.

Taking a data-driven approach to advertising your business online is the only way to ensure managed growth and increased traffic without depleting your marketing budget. Get started with our team now to learn how we can jumpstart your campaign!

What you’ll have access to:

  • Advanced campaign analytics
  • Artificial intelligence-driven advertising management tools
  • Expert strategy consultation and execution from our team
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