Database Sync with Data Axle, Neustar, Foursquare

$500.00 / year

We integrate software with your Business Intelligence instance that syncs your data across three structured data providers to search engines like Google and Bing, improving your organic visibility online. The list below shares each provider’s approach in their own words:

  • Data Axle: “Data Axle offers some of the most comprehensive and accurate business and consumer databases, boasting over 700 distinct attributes across businesses and consumers in the United States and Canada. Our data covers hundreds of millions of people and households and tens of millions of businesses”

  • Neustar: “We help clients know everything they can about their customers and prospects, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and know if their marketing worked and how to make it better.

  • Foursquare: “With the highest quality visit data available today, unlock revenue opportunities and marketing strategies that will take your business further. Our proprietary assets make sense of people data and places data to yield better analytics, forecasting, and modeling.”

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