Social Media Scheduling with Business Intelligence

This is the core of the Business Intelligence Platform. Our solution allows you to schedule social media posts in advance on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business. This streamlines the content-sharing process for you and your team and gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire content calendar.

Now Integrated with ChatGPTOur solution now includes ChatGPT as an additional content tool at your disposal. You can use the AI solution to create post copy and immediately schedule the content in your social calendar. You can learn more about this here.

Understanding the Plans

Pro: The Pro plan allows you to create and schedule content on multiple social media channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, that are not available on the free version. Pro is also required to enable ChatGPT in your account.

Pro 360°: The Pro 360° plan includes the social channels included in the regular Pro account, but also adds improved analytics of your organic and paid social channels + automatically syncs your business information with data aggregators which provide information about your company to search and voice search tools.


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