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    Custom Website Design


    Building Your Digital Footprint

    The first step to having a strong online presence is an effective, easy-to-navigate website. We’ll help you get online by designing a website or improve your existing page so it can be be an asset that makes managing your business more efficient.

    We work with designers, engineers, and strategists who are experts in their respective areas. We can design/develop on Wix, WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, or others.

    The best way to engage our team for support is using the website customization tool below or by booking a complimentary consultation with us to learn more:

  • WD Strategies

    Link-Building Campaign

    $350.00 / month

    This work involves our team running a backlinks campaign, which distributes links back to your site across various blogs, forums, and other digital locations. The purpose of generating these types of links is to increase the number of resources pointing to your website. This, in turn, helps demonstrate to search engines that your website is of greater importance, ultimately resulting in higher and more frequent ranking in Google Search Results.

    The anchor text, or text that is hyperlinked back to the site, is selected by our team based on our ongoing keyword research. Linking to key terms identified by our research increases the likelihood of your page appearing in searches for relevant terms.

    The campaign includes: 60+ High Domain Authority Do-Follow Backlinks, 30 Blog Comment Backlinks, 20 Forums Backlinks, & 10 Profile Backlinks

    Blog Post KPIs—Google Search Console Performance, URL Rating, Domain Rating, Net Number of Search Results on which Your Website Appears in the Top-10 Pages

  • WD Strategies

    Monthly PPC Management

    $500.00 / month and a $300.00 sign-up fee

    Get our team’s support efficiently scaling your digital advertising operation through daily campaign management, data analysis, strategy sessions, and content creation.

    Taking a data-driven approach to advertising your business online is the only way to ensure managed growth and increased traffic without depleting your marketing budget. Get started with our team now to learn how we can jumpstart your campaign!

    What you’ll have access to:

    • Advanced campaign analytics
    • Artificial intelligence-driven advertising management tools
    • Expert strategy consultation and execution from our team
  • WD Strategies

    Monthly SEO Blog Posts

    From: $250.00 / month

    The purpose of the blog posts is twofold: we want to solicit organic interest among potential consumers by introducing new and exciting content on a regular basis (1); and to present Google and other search engines with more data which it can index (2). This continued submission of content to Google’s Search Console helps the platforms’ algorithms understand what your website has to offer so your content has a better chance of ranking in organic search results.

    Blog Post KPIs—Google Search Console Performance Impressions and Clicks, URL Rating, Domain Rating, Net Number of Search Results on which your website Appears in the Top-10 Pages

    Creating SEO Blog Content with W.D. Strategies

    Our team creates SEO blog content by performing keyword research and running a content gap analysis to identify relevant topics that will help drive organic search engine visibility. Then we outline, draft, and revise the piece so it’s ready to be posted on your website.

    How Does SEO Blog Content Help?

    Creating effective content serves two purposes:

    1. It keeps your website’s content fresh for both prospective customers and search engine algorithms so they continually keep your site on their radar
    2. You have the opportunity to add long-form content to your site and establish yourself as an authority in the space

    Read our blog on Business Intelligence to learn more about how search engine optimization works!

    How is Success Measured?

    Blog content is measured in two, general ways:

    1. First, does the content add value to the reader? It seems obvious, right? Relevance to the website visitor is sometimes overlooked when discussing search engine optimization. While optimizing for keywords/phrases is important, it means little if the content isn’t helpful to your reader and creates a negative brand experience.
    2. The second key performance indicator is how it impacts your search engine performance. We track the following stats:
      • The total number of Google Search Console impressions
      • The number of clicks and impressions received by the new blog post
      • Net change in domain rating and URL rating (tracked in Ahrefs)

    You can learn more about how to track SEO performance in our case study.

    What Else Drives SEO Performance?

    Blogs help, but do not entirely drive SEO performance. A wholistic approach to search engine optimization would also involve running backlinks campaigns, issuing press releases, and editing the page’s underlying metadata.

    Next Steps with W.D. Strategies

    We encourage anyone who’s interested in working with us to book a meeting. You’ll get to meet with one of our consultants who can walk you through the process more. You can also reach out to us here with questions.

  • WD Strategies

    One-Time Performance, SEO Audit, & Existing Site Content Optimization


    Our one-time SEO audit service is designed to help businesses improve their search engine visibility by analyzing their website’s current state and identifying areas for improvement. Our comprehensive audit includes keyword and competitive research, analysis of historical data, and on-page optimization work based on research.

    First, we conduct extensive keyword research to identify the keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for. We then analyze your website’s content and structure to ensure that it is properly optimized for those keywords. This includes optimizing meta tags, headers, and content to improve search engine rankings.

    Next, we perform competitive research to gain insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies. This includes analyzing their website structure, content, and backlink profiles to identify areas where you can improve your own website’s search engine rankings.

    We also analyze historical data, including your website’s traffic and engagement metrics, to identify trends and areas for improvement. This allows us to develop a customized strategy to improve your website’s search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

    Finally, we provide on-page optimization work based on our research. This includes optimizing your website’s content, structure, and technical SEO elements to improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your site. We implement the following for your website:

    1. Research for best keywords for each page
    2. Add/Adjust Title Tag on Each Page
    3. Add/Adjust H1s on Each Page
    4. Add/Adjust Meta Description
    5. Add/Adjust Two sentences below the H1 on Each Page
    6. Add/Adjust Alt Text for images (up to 20)
    7. Add/Adjust Home page schema markup
    8. Add/Adjust Contact page schema for local businesses
    9. Add/Adjust Canonical URL’s if needed
    10. Connect to Google Search Console & & Integrate with Business Intelligence
    11. Set up Google Analytics & Integrate with Business Intelligence
    12. Provide client with 5 suggested FAQ questions to add to the site if needed
    13. Provide client with 5 suggested blog topics to write about

    Our one-time SEO audit service is a great option for businesses that want to improve their website’s search engine visibility but don’t have the resources to manage an ongoing SEO campaign. With our comprehensive audit, you’ll get a clear picture of your website’s current state and a roadmap for improving your search engine rankings and driving more traffic to your site.

  • WD Strategies

    Press Release

    $500.00 / month

    We will write and release a press release on Newswire with the goal of building media interest and increasing the number of high-ranking referral links to your website. Our team will also select the best audience through the Newswire distribution network to target with the release.

    The primary goal of the press releases will be to solicit media attention—whose sharing/pickup of the story leads to increased traffic and conversion opportunities.

    The secondary goal of being picked up by major outlets (such as the Associated Press, Google News, and others) is to enhance organic search visibility. The links directed back to the website from reputable/high-ranking sites indicate to Google and other search engines that our website is credible, increasing the likelihood that the website will show up higher on search results.

    Press Release KPIs—Number of Earned Media Hits, Earned Media Referral Traffic, Google Search Console Performance, URL Rating, Domain Rating, Net Number of Search Results on which the Site Appears in the Top-10 Pages

    Note: $349 Newswire fee billed separately.

  • WD Strategies

    Social Media Management

    From: $650.00 / month

    Engage our in-house team for support managing your social media presence across platforms that you share you business. Once you start, you’ll have an onboarding meeting with our team who will walk you through the process and start designing a content strategy with you.

    • Fully-Managed Social Media Posting
    • Content Scheduled a Month in Advance so You and Your Team May Review Strategy
    • Monthly Strategy Meeting with Account Manager
    • Audience-Building Support to Increase Reach on Platform
    • We Handle Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Others