Monthly Plans with WD Strategies

We offer three pricing plans through which you can engage our team. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time, based on your business’s needs.

Startup Plan

$ 1500 Per Month
  • 5% Service Rate Discount

SMB Plan

$ 2500 Per Month
  • 7.5% Service Rate Discount
  • Monthly 1-Hr Strategy Session
  • Access to ContentEngine

Enterprise Plan

$ 5000 Per Month
  • 10% Service Rate Discount
  • Monthly 1-Hr Strategy Session
  • Access to ContentEngine

Unused monthly budget rolls over to the next month(s). At any time during the engagement or up to 90 days following the conclusion of the ongoing plan, you may use any/all remaining budget towards the project(s)/service(s) of your choosing.


The monthly budget applies to all services, projects, and software solutions we offer. Standard/predefined services or projects will have the discount automatically applied.

For custom scopes of work, we will present a quote that meets your needs, and the appropriate price reduction will be applied based on your service level with us.

If you are operating on a monthly basis with our team, credits cannot be used towards a digital advertising campaign budget. If you accidentally use credits to cover the setup of your campaign budget, we will reinstate your credits and issue an invoice for payment of the campaign budget. 


Startup monthly plans can be canceled at any time. SMB and Enterprise plans can be canceled after three (3) months. We will continue to honor unused monthly budget after a monthly plan is terminated, but the service rate discounts will no longer be applied after a plan is terminated.