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A passion for problem-solving: Huntingdon-based consultants help companies get online, fast

Our team was mentioned in an article by Startup Alleghenies, describing the early parts of our journey.

“We have a passion for solving problems,” Joey DiGangi said. “We provide solutions to companies of all sizes so they can grow their digital footprint, whether that’s through e-commerce, web development, digital advertising campaigns, marketing consulting or data analysis.”

W.D. Strategies to Present Wix Branded App Strategy to Partner Community

W.D. Strategies, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based business consultancy and Wix Partner, will present their experience utilizing Wix’s Branded App technology during a live webinar for other Partners. The webinar will take place on June 7, 11 a.m. EDT on YouTube. Joey DiGangi, W.D.’s COO and co-founder, will share client success stories and best practices with the community. What…

W.D. Strategies to Build Marketplace for Central Pennsylvania Entrepreneurs

W.D. Strategies, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based business consultancy, was contracted to develop and support the Alleghenies Marketplace by the Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC). The Marketplace will offer entrepreneurs in the Central Pennsylvania Region an online platform where they can sell products. This project is part of a larger initiative, Startup Alleghenies, to foster…

Quoted in Yahoo! Finance

These are the biggest mistakes Tech startups make, according to the companies that develop their software products. Deliver a software prototype that satisfies core needs of your consumer, costs less time and capital to develop, and lets you validate assumptions, generate early-stage revenue, and build up your initial market presence. Joey DiGangi – COO W.D….